How to treat sinusitis

Schöne Frau mit Kopfschmerzen im Bett sitzendManagement of sinusitis differs depending on the type of sinusitis: acute (less than 4 weeks, less than 3 times per years), allergic, chronic.

  • Management of acute sinusitis includes:
    • antibiotic treatment -> if bacterial infection
    • corticotherapy -> to fight inflammation
    • nasal irrigation -> to remove mucosities and repair the nasal mucosa
  • For allergic sinusitis: It is first of all recommended treating the allergy itself by determining the allergenic factor and by adding nasal irrigation to the treatment to repair the nasal mucosa.
  • Chronic sinusitis: Regular nasal irrigation is recommended, as thermal cures, surgery being required in extreme cases.

Chronic sinusitis cannot be cured. It can be better tolerated with daily hygiene of the nose and sinuses.


It is a disease with a heavy burden on daily life, and leads to significant fatigue and feeling unwell.


  • If you tend to suffer with sinusitis after a cold, remember to rinse the nose with isotonic saline solutions such as Nasal spray HUMER Daily Hygiene.
    This allows to remove the mucus and minimises the risk of a cold turning into sinusitis. Daily nasal hygiene also reinforces the nasal mucosa and your immune defenses.
  • Consult an ENT specialist in the event of recurrent sinusitis.