Nasal hygiene for adults and children

FOR DAILY NASAL HYGIENE: HUMER  DAILY HYGIENE Standing or sitting Gently insert the safety nozzle into the nostril Press on the nozzle Leave the surplus solution to run out with the mucosities, then blow Rinse the nozzle in hot water and wipe … Continued

How to clean baby’s nose

During the first 2 years of life, a baby’s nose needs to be cleaned daily. The best of the sea for optimal nasal hygiene: Humer Daily Hygiene for infants. Instructions for use: Lie baby on his back Turn baby’s head towards … Continued

How to deal with colds in winter

HOW TO AVOID COLDS? Simple measures can prevent contamination by the cold virus: Avoid switching from heat to cold: switching from hot to cold conditions may weaken the body’s defenses. Wrap up when you go out and avoid overheating rooms. … Continued

How to treat sinusitis

Management of sinusitis differs depending on the type of sinusitis: acute (less than 4 weeks, less than 3 times per years), allergic, chronic. Management of acute sinusitis includes: antibiotic treatment -> if bacterial infection corticotherapy -> to fight inflammation nasal … Continued

Tips for fighting allergies

An allergy is an abnormal and excessive reaction by the immune system, caused by contact with a substance generally foreign to the body, known as an allergen. What are these allergens and how we prevent them bothering us on a … Continued