The benefits of sea water

SEA WATER, AN IDEAL SOLUTION FOR CLEANING THE NOSE, WHICH: 1) STRENGTHENS NATURAL DEFENSES: Removes particles which weaken the nasal mucosa: dust, pollution, cigarette smoke, allergens etc. Provides trace elements necessary for the body to function properly: external sources are … Continued

What to do about a blocked nose?

WHAT IS A BLOCKED NOSE? Often a consequence of rhinitis or allergy, it is an inflammatory reaction. The blood vessels in the nasal mucosa dilate, leading to inflammation of the nose and excessive mucus production. This phenomenon appears especially in … Continued

The role of the nose

THE NOSE, AN ESSENTIAL ELEMENT TO GOOD HEALTH! 1) A VITAL FUNCTION: BREATHING Point where air enters the body, the nose heats and humidifies the dry and cold air from the outside to make it breathable by the lungs. 2) … Continued

The importance of nasal hygiene

The nose is subject to aggressions all year long, whether in winter due to the cold weather and cold, or in Spring when pollen is back. In addition to the weather, We put every day our nose to the test … Continued